“Li’l Sprouts”
This is a hands-on farm experience for children 2-4 and their accompanying grown-ups. Each session consists of 4, 1-hour-long classes that meet roughly every other week. $40/child/session. Click here for registration forms. Contact Veronica Simon at simonv@email.arizona.edu for more information.

“Growing Forward” K-12 Agriculture and Nutrition Program
“Growing Forward” is our K-5 Common Core agriculture and nutrition education program.  This two hour hands-on program cycles groups of students through the “stations” of the farm, where they learn about food production, growing healthy soil, composting, vermiculture (worm farming), nutrition, pollination, etc. The farm also provides each student with a healthy snack.  Cost is $5/child (adults are free). For more information or to schedule a group contact:  Lcarter@cals.arizona.edu

“Digging Deeper” Middle and High School Service Learning Program
Digging Deeper is a STEM-based agricultural literacy and nutrition education program for students at the middle school and high school level.  This 3-hour program delivers a hands-on seed-to-table curriculum utilizing the farm as a classroom.  Students move through stations of the farm, learning the ins and outs of food production, harvesting, and processing; the scoop on sugary drinks, fast food, and whole grains, the science of soil and composting; and participate in preparing a healthy meal.  For more information or to schedule a group contact: Lcarter@cals.arizona.edu

TVF Youth Volunteer Corps
The TVF youth corps is a new program at the Tucson Village Farm designed to get youth in middle school and high school more involved in Urban Farming. The program will include training in all the areas we teach here on the farm. Participants will be trained in growing fruits and vegetables, composting, irrigation, as well as food preparation such as knife skills, cooking, and nutrition. We then hope that they’ll be able to help us with our big events, such as Farm Camp! For more info call 626-5161 or email esparks@cals.arizona.edu.

Volunteer Mondays
Looking for volunteer opportunities?  Come on out to the farm and be a part of the team!  Mondays 8-12.  Contact Alex Atkin for more information:  Atkin@email.arizona.edu

Join us at our weekly U-Pick and grab your veggies for the week while supporting your favorite urban farm for kids at the same time! Our U-Pick is open every Tuesday afternoon from 5-7.  Our produce is sold at market prices and we accept cash or check.  Check on our Facebook page to see a weekly update of available produce for sale.

Farm Camp
Farm Camp is offered for two one-week sessions in June. Participants will experience 35 hours of farm immersion, learning the ins and outs of farm life through daily farm chores, live animal demonstrations, presenters, hatching live chicks, and daily food preparation. Camp participants prepare all of their own food through the week as well as a luncheon for the parents on the last day. For more information, call 626-5161 or email Thom Plasse.

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